Writing thoughts, processes and samples. That’s what you’ll find here. Also general insights on life here in Puerto Vallarta, some faves, raves and now and again a rant.

When I say writing thoughts, processes, etc. I don’t mean that generally. I mean it for me — so this will relate to the things, thoughts and loves that have followed me around for years. There are two overarching categories — plants and herbal remedies. That’s one, and was the source of my first book “ABC’s of Rainforest Herbs.”

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The other is ¬†metaphysics, spirituality and the psyche. Kind of Earth-loving witchy ways. That was my second book: “ABC’s for the Hard Times,” which is about getting the better of ¬†crises.

in e-reader format. Paperback title is ABC's of Turning Dark Nights into Sunny Days

So, in sum, the blog posts discuss those two loves. They’re mostly the raves. Then there’s the occasional political observations that spill over just because I can’t not. Those would are likely be the rants.