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Rainforest Herbs Improve Digestion

Try putting sugar in a gas tank and what happens? Your engine pops, belches and ultimately can ruin your engine. It’s like bad health — disappointing, disruptive and expensive. Our physiological gas tanks – our digestive systems – are more sophisticated and can handle a lot more abuse. But ultimately they too can spiral out of control and really ruin our day.

Too often we neglect the all-important fuel we put into our bodies. We may be too busy, too tired, too stressed, or too hungry to bother with a good meal. While there’s no substitute for good nutrition, sometimes we just don’t get there. That’s when it makes sense to support our systems with the next best thing – natural, well-balanced herbs to support our digestion. Tiger Tummy helps our body maximize energy and nutrition, and helps with the common symptoms of tummy trouble — acid reflux and poor digestion.

The secret is a blend of herbs that work simply and effectively by supporting the key organs important to digestion: The liver and gallbladder so they produce bile. The stomach so digestive juices are strong. Protection against acid reflux, maximizing the breakdown of food in the stomach, supporting the intestinal tract and helping things move efficiently and quickly. Our bodies are designed to keep what we need for the best possible nutritional results. Tiger Tummy supports that process. By doing so it turns regular into super so our digestive engine works at maximum capacity.

The Herbs in Tiger Tummy

Tiger Tummy blends together well-known and well-researched rainforest herbs to stimulate healthy digestion — carqueja, artichoke, fedegoso, quinine, gervâo, and picão preto.

Improved Digestion with Rainforest Herbs

Tiger Tummy is nature’s digestive aid, helping the body break down food for proper absorption. The herbs help prevent acid reflux, contain bitters to aid absorption and protect the digestive tract and organs. Many health professionals believe good digestion is the key to better health. We know how much better we feel when our digestion works well!

Tiger Tummy’s natural herbs aid the body’s digestive process, strengthens the liver to filter toxins. This helps guard against the many afflictions that can be caused by poor digestion. Our body is our most important asset and fueling it properly as well as aiding digestion and nutrient absorption helps ensure our bodies serve us well. Unlike the skyrocketing price of gas for our cars, Tiger Tummy remains affordable!

Natural Digestive Support for Better Health

Digestive remedies and antacids account for some of the biggest pharmaceutical sales in America. Yet too often drugs bring their own problems. Imagine Tiger Tummy. Here in the combined power of natural plants is a remedy that improves digestion and relieves pain while it protects, tones, and supports your body’s digestive organs and improves your health.

Put Tiger Tummy in your digestive engine today and turn regular to super!

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