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Rainforest Herbs Combat the Pain of Arthritis

Many people are just finding out that there are several herbs found in the rainforest that have positive effects on arthritis and help guard against the pain and the swelling associated with arthritis.  When these rainforest herbs are used to treat ailments the body gets the benefits of the whole leaf, bark, root or even the whole plant. The active portion in the herb is surrounded by supplemental components that buffer ill effects and boost active properties.  


People throughout history have used plants for medicinal purposes and many cultures continue to use natural methods for healing and health.  Herbal remedies offer strong healing and health benefits while avoiding many dangerous and at times life threatening side effects. 


The rainforest herbs in Leaping Lizard offer many positive benefits. These include relief from the symptomatic pain of arthritis, general pain, swelling and inflammation, stiffness and joint pain. For centuries people have found relief using the same herbs that are brought to you now in one effective remedy: Leaping Lizard.


The rainforest herbs that are essential and beneficial to general pain, swelling, and the symptoms of arthritis have been carefully chosen and specifically formulated into Leaping Lizard.


Herbal Remedy Supports Relief from Pain and Arthritis


Arthritis, the leading cause of disability in people over fifty, is a group of conditions that cause damage to the joints of the body.  All forms of arthritis cause pain however the pain patterns vary.  Most also cause a degree of stiffness and at times deformity and the inability to perform even simple day-to-day tasks. 


There are different types of arthritis and causes of arthritis though most are treated similarly in Western medicine.  One recommendation that seems widely accepted is to get regular exercise.  Keep moving to lubricate the joints.  Beyond that, herbal and allopathic approaches differ. Western medicine uses a number of drugs to help control inflammation and pain. Most prescription drugs are derived from plants but extract out one active component only. 


The Importance of the Whole Plant in Healing


Herbal medicine works with the whole plant to provide the same relief, but in a more balanced way. Plants’ healing qualities are supported, balanced and strengthened by the surrounding components. By throwing these out we can negate many positive protections and buffers to protect us from potential harm.  Leaping Lizard rainforest herbs combine the right herbs to target the afflictions and joint pain associated with arthritis and protect against harmful side effects. 


The only danger with Leaping Lizard is you might find yourself performing activities you haven’t done for a long time making people wonder if you are reliving your youth.