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War and Pieces

The US, Mexico and Canada are a bloody mess. The civil war continues unabated. It seems unstoppable. The religious right banned together under the name “Intentional Salvation is Life” (ISIL). They joined forces with the US-based Tea Party. Together they created well-trained ISIL militias. For the past two years, they have been waging an uncompromising holy war throughout North America.

They built slowly for some years, playing on entrenched xenophobic fears of immigrants. They used racist propaganda not only to separate whites from others, but in Mexico to set lighter skinned Latinos against darker skinned. They successfully built homophobia into a cornerstone of their hate propaganda. They unflinchingly deny women equal rights — a word they say is a misnomer. They believe women are granted ‘privilege,’ and those have been have handed out ‘too liberally’ by the unbelievers.

In every state and province where they have a majority, the rights of all but themselves are increasingly trampled on. Terror, bombings and assassinations have become so commonplace that no one has clear numbers anymore. They are extraordinarily well-funded and seem to have an ever-expanding arsenal.

The US National Guard has been stretched beyond endurance, as have the police, federal and state authorities in Canada and Mexico. In the U.S., what was once a reliable national government is so divided that no coherent action is possible. They are stopped at every turn by ISIL supporters. Canada is not far behind and Mexico is suffering under internecine warfare within the cartels – some for ISIL, some against.

Resistence is ongoing, but weak. Mostly because in the absence of strong federal support, the response falls mainly on a divided and faltering progressive coalition.

The world seems to agree that North America is a danger to the global community. Europe is reflecting on the rise of fascism and wondering if it really could happen again, this time in the new world.

Reluctantly the Arab League decides the threat to Islam is real and can no longer be ignored. The North American violent right appears to be winning and if they do, it means disaster for the Middle East. The Islamic world knows full well they will be ISIL’s next target. In fact, ISIL hasn’t tried to hide their plans to take over control of the oil-rich areas in the Middle East and carry out a “modern-day Crusades” against what they view as the largest international threat to their sovereignty and religion.

What should the Arab League do? The debate swings widely.

Doves argue for working privately and quietly. They want to funnel funds to progressives. They propose education campaigns among the vulnerable and international cooperation to help with arrests of offenders. They claim any incursion into the morass of North America by Islamists would be lengthy, end poorly for all and turn into a no-win and protracted struggle.

Even with the best intentions, they argue, military activity would be seen as an infringement on the rights of sovereign peoples. Instead of winning over hearts and minds to a peaceful solution, doves claim any non-peaceful intervention would be viewed as a holy war against Christianity.

Those in the middle argue for limited military activity as a ‘necessary evil.’ Their plan is to send a limited number of troops to train progressives in counter-insurgency techniques. They would consider bombing, but only if no other solution could be found. Those a small step ahead on the hawkish path argue that in addition to training, they must bomb targeted strongholds of the right wing extremists and they must assassinate the leaders.

The extreme hawks say time is not on the side of the Arab world. A victory by anti-Islamists bent on destroying their way of life is well worth some diplomatic scorn. Act decisively and quickly, they argue, for back-room deals are already underway — ISIL is in ongoing negotiations to buy oil fields. There is talk that some of their most highly placed members could be smuggling nuclear weapons into the Middle East.

They argue this evil must be eradicated by all means necessary. Short of that, the Arab way of life, the valuable oil fields and religious freedom will be taken away. They ask the League to sanction bombing, assassinations and ‘boots on the ground’ as needed until the aggressive and unthinkable evil is eradicated.

What do you think they should do?