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Herbal Remedy Supports Energy and Relieves Stress

The hectic pace of our modern lifestyles lead many of us to search for more energy and stress relief. Both are found in the rainforest.  Rainforest herbs offer energy and are full of components that provide relief from the physical and mental stresses of daily life. The whole body benefits from using nature’s own remedies and many chemicals and synthetic pharmaceuticals can be avoided by relying instead on nature’s own secrets.


Throughout human history people have relied on plants for medicinal purposes.  Many cultures around the world continue to use these natural ways of healing both for specific ailments and for better health in general.  Many of us find that rainforest herbs offer strong healing support and health benefits while helping avoid dangerous side effects. Why? Often a pharmaceutical is one component from a plant that is synthesized out for a specific purpose. Herbal remedies are different. Herbal remedies use the whole leaf, or bark or roots, or even the whole plant. Such herbal remedies come to you in balance and help you keep a healthy balance as well.


Rainforest herbs are great companions that can help reduce the stress of every day living and provide a long-lasting, comfortable energy. The abundant energy support in Sloth-No-More is constant and constitutional. No caffeine buzz followed by the caffeine crash. Additionally the body benefits at many levels from the nutrients in rainforest herbs.


Rainforest Herbal Remedy

The rainforest herbs that target and benefit stress relief and energy include jatobá, chuchuhuasi, uña de gato (cat’s claw), sarsaparilla, catuaba and samambaia.  These are all in Sloth-No-More.  These herbs have been used for centuries to treat ailments including stress and anxiety. Together, they offer an alternative to the highs and lows of the caffeine roller coaster: comfortable, supportive energy that is fully natural and long-lasting.


These wonderful and beneficial herbs have conveniently been formulated into one ideal product — Sloth-No-More.  Offering a deep level of energy that does not drop you the way caffeine will, Sloth-No-More offers stress relief and long lasting healthiness.


Why should we deal with stress anyway?


Stress is a serious condition with many potential physical, mental and emotional impacts.  It is connected not only with poor overall body function, but disturbed sleep and insomnia, low energy, depression, and other physical ailments.


Sloth-No-More rainforest herbs combine the right herbs to target stress relief and provide natural constitutional energy while protecting against harmful side effects.  Our body’s fight or flight response certainly helps us, but sometimes we can’t do either one. We’re just stuck in the middle of everyday living! Support from Sloth-No-More offers ongoing protection for your system and helps provide you with the feelings of long-lasting energy and well-being you deserve.