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The sixth most important thing about herbs that should really be first

I just wrote an article about the top five things people should know about herbs. I’ll put it up on the web site soon, but since it was kind of generic I went easy. What I really should have said was that there’s one really really important thing to know about herbs. I’ll try to get this into a brief sound byte but that may go up in smoke.

About 5 years ago I was seriously ill. I needed to take allopathic medicine that helped save my life. But in order for the (truly wonderful) medicine (for which I shall always be grateful) to not eat the lining of my stomach, weaken my immune system and make me generally weak and miserable I needed to take a bunch of other stuff. And guess what it was? OK, softball… Of course it was herbal supplements. Not only. I also drank herbal teas. And took amino acids that occur naturally in our bodies.  I went to acupuncture and got healing massages. I topped it off with hypnotherapy to heal old mental scars.  

So lest you think I only believe in herbs, you see I’m willing to reach across the aisle and use other modalities. As long as they’re natural. And that’s my point. A plant is a living being. It’s in balance with itself and nature. When used properly it offers its wonderful qualities to us — in balance. Not in bit and pieces, not one saponin or alkoloid at a time. 

There it is. And here’s the sound byte, the sixth most important thing about herbs that should really be first: Plants are good for you. They heal, they work, they bring back balance. 

P.S. to the sound byte: There is a place for western medicine. It’s just that the place is not everywhere and all the time.