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water under the bridge

Make that 7 months worth of water flowing under that particular bridge. The one everyone talks about in the past tense. Lots and lots of change, growth and water. I just wanted to say I’ve been like really, really busy. And I wanted to say I’m back.

Did get my rainforest book written and published, which is totally cool. It’s even on Amazon — ABC’s of Natural Healing: better health for you and the planet through Amazon rainforest herbs I’m pleased. I’d add stuff in the next addition, but it was good.

I’m almost done with my second book, but that’s for another post. For now I can say my herb business and the herbs themselves have proven their value to my sanity many times over.

Rainforest herbs are finally gaining in recognition, and I say Yay! Maybe, just maybe, if we find value to our own health in preserving the remaining rainforests, well perhaps we might could see our way to preserving them.

Wouldn’t that be a kick!


The sixth most important thing about herbs that should really be first

I just wrote an article about the top five things people should know about herbs. I’ll put it up on the web site soon, but since it was kind of generic I went easy. What I really should have said was that there’s one really really important thing to know about herbs. I’ll try to get this into a brief sound byte but that may go up in smoke.

About 5 years ago I was seriously ill. I needed to take allopathic medicine that helped save my life. But in order for the (truly wonderful) medicine (for which I shall always be grateful) to not eat the lining of my stomach, weaken my immune system and make me generally weak and miserable I needed to take a bunch of other stuff. And guess what it was? OK, softball… Of course it was herbal supplements. Not only. I also drank herbal teas. And took amino acids that occur naturally in our bodies.  I went to acupuncture and got healing massages. I topped it off with hypnotherapy to heal old mental scars.  

So lest you think I only believe in herbs, you see I’m willing to reach across the aisle and use other modalities. As long as they’re natural. And that’s my point. A plant is a living being. It’s in balance with itself and nature. When used properly it offers its wonderful qualities to us — in balance. Not in bit and pieces, not one saponin or alkoloid at a time. 

There it is. And here’s the sound byte, the sixth most important thing about herbs that should really be first: Plants are good for you. They heal, they work, they bring back balance. 

P.S. to the sound byte: There is a place for western medicine. It’s just that the place is not everywhere and all the time.