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Semana santa

Thanks to someone for catching this at Los Muertos beach

This is our first Holy Week and Easter Week here in Vallarta. Having been here in December with one party after another and the astounding marches on behalf of the “Virgincita” for the first 12 days and nights of December, we were looking forward to the same mellow atmosphere. A mix of Aztec and Catholic. Mmm. Probably not from what we’ve seen so far.

Rather think Ft. Lauderdale at spring break meets Rio for Carnival. You’d be a lot closer to the look and feel of PV right now. Thursday, through Sunday is considered the height of it. It being beaches packed with sunburnt kids, families, singles, party-goers mostly all from Mexico city and Guadalajara, some folks with light fingers, and lots and lots of drunks. It also refers to traffic jams, crowded stores and sell-out crowds.┬áDespite diverting buses and bringing on minivans, traffic is already close to a crawl and the Malecon is packed.

This is the time when folks from the inland and mountain areas flock to Mexico’s beach towns and the coastal locals head into the mountains and inland. Musical places. Not much holy so far, but Good Friday is still to come. Hopefully good happenings for local business as well. It’s the last hurrah before the heat, humidity and rains sends Vallarta and Vallartenses into summer hibernation.