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Pandora’s drug box – brain enhancement

Here’s the scoop. The journal Nature published an article on Dec 7th about brain-enhancing drugs The seven authors called for  “the presumption that mentally competent adults should be able to engage in cognitive enhancement using drugs.  From assembly line workers to surgeons, many different kinds of employees may benefit from enhancement and want access to it…”


‘While thorny ethical and medical questions must be addressed, pharmaceutical enhancement of inborn mental gifts is a trend to be welcomed,” according to the seven co-authors from Harvard, Stanford and other prestigious institutions. (italics mine)

I saw a video of a doctor responding to the story. He focused on the positives until the interviewer asked, “OK. I get the advantages. But are these drugs safe?”  An extremely legitimate question since we are talking ridilan and the like. His answer was equally candid: “Safe?  No one’s talking about safe. Where would you get that idea?”   According to the doc, these kinds of drugs can cause everything from panic attacks to kidney failure.

But we’re entitled, aren’t we?  Let’s just open Pandora’s entitlement-filled box of drugs and pull out a soma pill or a brain enhancer. While we’re at it, let the pharmaceuticals buy or bully the opposition into silence or acquiesence.Meanwhile let fall behind the poor who can’t afford ridilin or the stupid luddites who won’t put that stuff into a healthy body.   As for the ‘priviliged’ ones, driven by a long-term sense of entitlement and a short-term view of brain enhancement, they can afford good health insurance. After staying on brain enhancers, they’ll need it, which willl be fine with the pharmaceutical companies. For them at least it’s a win-win, short and long-term. 

I’m not going near the ethical considerations. They’re so huge it would take a blog site rather than a blog post. I just want to ask. Where are the voices that say do it naturally and safely or don’t do it at all?  Is this where competition and science are leading us, and we’re okay with that?

I can’t be the only one. As someone who believes in harmony with, learning from, and even mimicing Nature this is one pill  you couldn’t pay me to swallow. Or to give to the next generation. 

May I suggest an alternative?  Before popping ridilin take a long-range perspective on your health and the health of the planet. Check outElephant Elixir. Or my August blog post on memory and brain enhancement – naturally. It’s not going to give you that grand ridilin speed rush.  All it will do is protect your brain cells and improve memory. And it’s safe enough to take for a lifetime.


Rainforest Herbs Improve Memory, Support Brain Functions

Doing well in our fast-paced world requires lots of brain power, good memory, and fast response time. We know good diet, fresh air, exercise and rest are essential. We also know that doesn’t always happen. As we grow older, many of us seek ways to keep our brains fresh and our energy strong.


Yet all too often we overlook the basics of long-term health in our search for a quick boost. The popularity of caffeine and sugar-laden drinks, and shelves full of drugs and pharmaceutical products attest to this.  Here’s the good news.


Herbs that are Neuroprotective, Cell Protective


You can find enormously protective and effective brain support in nature’s own medicine cabinet — the rainforest.  The rainforest herbs in Elephant Elixir are especially effective in protecting brain cells, improving memory, and combating the effects of aging.


Herbs that are Anti-aging


What makes these herbs anti-aging?  If you protect brain cells from breaking down and aging, you protect the body as well. This in turn improves memory and supports the immune system to help the body from falling ill. These specialized cell protective qualities keep our minds sharper and help our bodies retain a youthful elasticity. 



The Amazon Rainforest Herbs of Elephant Elixir


Herbs that Strengthen the Brain


Together, the five herbs in Elephant Elixir are an ideal combination for strengthening the vital functions of the brain as well as supporting the body’s all-important central nervous system and immune system. Our brains are more than the processor of a super-computer. They are also the great balancer of emotions and spirit. By protecting our brain cells we can expect improved health and well being. We can look to high octane performance from our body, mind and spirit.


The Importance of Protecting against Brain Cell Loss


Protecting the brain and the body’s cells is very important.  Often our diets and lives today include harmful additives and lack the proper nutrition that can protect our brain cells. This can potentially lead to debilitating conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life.


One of the natural side effects of aging is a loss of brain cells leading to memory loss, a loss of focus as well as difficulties in sharp thinking.  The brain is the most complicated organ in our body and the aging process loses brain cells rapidly; like 30,000 to 50,000 each day!  Elephant Elixir helps to reduce loss of these all important brain cells and fights against the aging process.


The result is clearer thinking, increased memory and sharper brain function.  Protecting our cells from the aging process is important throughout our lives. If you remember Elephant Elixir it will help you remember a clearer and sharper life!