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Carpe Diem Right Now!

Life has a way of showing us up sometimes. I mean, we want to think we’re in control at least a little bit and some of the time. Then suddenly we are reaching out to things that are simply beyond our grasp, and all we can do is watch — like old people getting senile, not eating, wanting to die and not dying. Like family members doing that. Like my favorite elder doing that.

And here’s the real kicker. She now exemplifies everything she never, ever was.

My aunt was a childhood hero of mine because she was so damn stubbornly independent. She grabbed life and shook it until it gave her what she wanted. No matter her mother died way too early, leaving her motherless at 12 and that her father put her in an orphanage some months later. He was known around town as  ‘Cauliflower Joe’ from his favorite scam of taking his carriage around, hawking beautiful cauliflowers with only the top ones good. He was a short con artist with no room in his life for a daughter.

It didn’t bother her though. She said she preferred the orphanage. But even today, she talks lovingly of her mother and seems to miss her, though she’s been dead for longer than most people get to be alive. 81 years ago. My aunt is 93 now.

She started her own business, went on the world’s longest railway trip — the trans Siberian Express, took trips to Korea, China, Europe, Mexico and others. She took a 3-month world cruise sans husband. They often took ‘separate vacations.’ When she was ready, she sold her business for a tidy sum and retired to Florida. She hated it there. She said It’s like an old people’s home, there’s no kids. So at age 69 she picked up, visited Costa Rica and a week later bought a house there. That was 24 years ago. It’s where she’ll die, probably in the pretty near future. She married and divorced five times, once to a mafioso who was stupid enough to try to go for her money. He lost. Let’s just say he lost big time, and leave it at that.

Avid bridge player, winner of tounaments. Avid theater goer, she turned part of her home into a small theater for the English-speaking community. Self-educated, voracious reader, she played a killer game of Trivia and Scrabble. When I visited her last time she had a thick book near her bed — NYT Sunday crosswords. Most of them done.

All her friends and most of her loved ones are gone. As is her hearing and her ability to get out of bed and take care of herself. Her time is over. And she is ready, very ready. In fact, as in her many years of active life, she’s kind of pushing the envelope.

It’s okay. She had a Life. She didn’t wait for anybody or anything. Within the law, she made her own laws. She reigned. She rocked.

I’ll miss her. I already do.





Rainforest Herbs Improve Memory, Support Brain Functions

Doing well in our fast-paced world requires lots of brain power, good memory, and fast response time. We know good diet, fresh air, exercise and rest are essential. We also know that doesn’t always happen. As we grow older, many of us seek ways to keep our brains fresh and our energy strong.


Yet all too often we overlook the basics of long-term health in our search for a quick boost. The popularity of caffeine and sugar-laden drinks, and shelves full of drugs and pharmaceutical products attest to this.  Here’s the good news.


Herbs that are Neuroprotective, Cell Protective


You can find enormously protective and effective brain support in nature’s own medicine cabinet — the rainforest.  The rainforest herbs in Elephant Elixir are especially effective in protecting brain cells, improving memory, and combating the effects of aging.


Herbs that are Anti-aging


What makes these herbs anti-aging?  If you protect brain cells from breaking down and aging, you protect the body as well. This in turn improves memory and supports the immune system to help the body from falling ill. These specialized cell protective qualities keep our minds sharper and help our bodies retain a youthful elasticity. 



The Amazon Rainforest Herbs of Elephant Elixir


Herbs that Strengthen the Brain


Together, the five herbs in Elephant Elixir are an ideal combination for strengthening the vital functions of the brain as well as supporting the body’s all-important central nervous system and immune system. Our brains are more than the processor of a super-computer. They are also the great balancer of emotions and spirit. By protecting our brain cells we can expect improved health and well being. We can look to high octane performance from our body, mind and spirit.


The Importance of Protecting against Brain Cell Loss


Protecting the brain and the body’s cells is very important.  Often our diets and lives today include harmful additives and lack the proper nutrition that can protect our brain cells. This can potentially lead to debilitating conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life.


One of the natural side effects of aging is a loss of brain cells leading to memory loss, a loss of focus as well as difficulties in sharp thinking.  The brain is the most complicated organ in our body and the aging process loses brain cells rapidly; like 30,000 to 50,000 each day!  Elephant Elixir helps to reduce loss of these all important brain cells and fights against the aging process.


The result is clearer thinking, increased memory and sharper brain function.  Protecting our cells from the aging process is important throughout our lives. If you remember Elephant Elixir it will help you remember a clearer and sharper life!