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TERRA MAR, M.A., ChT and some other titles and stuff is loving life here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. But going back a ways…

Having worked as a professional writer, ghost writer and editor for a couple o’ decades, I gladly seized on the opportunity to publish my own books.  All together my personal writings would form a strange mosaic indeed, coming from all over the place. Or sometimes it feels like that. Still, when I pin them on my inner wall I see the connection is in the natural world. No surprise when I think about it — although I’m generally very surprised at what I find has been written by me.

Despite my professional career and raising our kids, I seemed unable to resist the healing arts. I seem to have always found some toehold in wellness and holistic healing throughout my adult life. Along my byways and highways of Austria, Cali, NH & WA, I studied herbs,which have been a constant companion since I was about 20. I also learned some aromatherapy, studied meridian massage, alchemical healing, and hypnotherapy pretty seriously. All the while I wrote, worked in writing professionally and diligently practiced martial arts for over 3 decades under an astounding 10th degree master.

Hypnotherapy caught my attention in a deep way and I practiced professionally for several years. A lot of the experience and wisdom of ABC’s for the Hard Times comes from working with my clients. And from getting sick, which among other things inspired me to become a certified Soaring Crane qigong teacher — but that’s in the book.

Besides, even before that complex journey and rough-and-tumble wake-up call I was passionate about natural healing. Following some amazing trips to Costa Rica, Brazil, and most recently, Suriname I became increasingly enamored of the awesome power of rainforest healing herbs (including small plants, ferns, vines and humongous trees). My first ABC book on Natural Healing reflects that study. OnePlanet Herbs, my own herbal company is also an offshoot, so to speak.

Now that we have settled in Puerto Vallarta I am devoting myself more to writing and have just begun Wide Eyed Publications — my very own publishing company.  I’m stoked and as I said, just loving life here in what some of us call paradise.