Carrots and Sticks

In the EDITH Syndrome I talked about how I would do my bit to save humans and the world as we know it by offering head-bonking stories. There are two types of bonks. Nice wake-up calls that show the good we do as we act in alignment with nature. Those are carrots.


  The nasty bonker points out, well, the nasties. Stories of what we do that leads us away from nature, sanity, preservation of natural resources and a future for humans. That would be the stick. 

monkey with stick

 Both carrot and stick point to links that made sense to me and I wanted to share. If you have any, bring ’em on.

monkey with stickWe’re subsidizing the wrong thing. Dammit! the G20 countries are spending $88 billion a year subsidizing exploration for new fossil fuels.” No, that’s not the oil subsidy. That’s just for finding more non-renewable resources to bankrupt the planet. Simple solutions are proposed. They could happen. If our priorities were people and planet and only then profit.  STICK.

baby-sloth-eating-carrotThis is awesome! How about a local food economy. In the poorest neighborhoods. That’s serious value. CARROT


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