If it’s so simple, why can’t we get it right?

Sometimes I really don’t want to blog. I think, maybe I don’t get personal enough. Maybe I should blog on writing, or herbs, or my other passions. Maybe I just shut up before it looks like I never, ever think happy thoughts. To be a contributing member of society, there are certain sine qua non’s, right and a lot of them have to do with staying positive: Visualize Beauty. Experience Wonder. Live in the Moment. Look on the Bright Side.Yeah, yeah…

But I’m grumpy today. . After all, last night I dreamed the world was coming to a sudden end. Too much radiation, and all the people of Earth would die within 48 hours – and the process had already begun. Except for babies. They would survive. A cruel joke, with none to nourish, nurture and love them. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Then there’s the heat. Here in Vallarta at the end of November, it should be paradise. Mid 70’s in the day, gentle breezes, low humidity, cool evenings, nights and mornings. Instead, winter forgot to arrive. Summer started early, gave us a hell of a run, and now is refusing to back off. So, yeah I’m grumpy.

Then I watched the video I’ve put here. That did it. I gave up on blogging nice stuff and went back to what’s on my mind A LOT:  the mass blindness to protecting our home. I mean Our Home. We insanely, stubbornly, daily, refuse to accept what MUST happen as planetary overheating aka global warming continues. I’m assuming you know that what we’re facing now is from the damage we did like 50 years ago. And we all know what the last 50 have been like.  So why, I wonder, are we not demanding change? What’s really going on? Some thoughts:

For starters, there’s genetics. As a species, we get immediacy. We are moved by dangers that lurk at the mouth of our caves. We are able to react well enough that the species survives. The threat can be imagined rather than real, but we’re on it.  Our essence is awakened and our physiology, deepest instincts and psyche get us to do what we must. It’s, as they say, the way we’re hard-wired.

On the other genetic hand, we score abysmally low on our ability to face future dangers. As with our other animal brethren, we lack the future gene.  Although, looking at my previous post, the ills of global warming are a lot less future than we might have hoped.Besides, we’re the species that is supposed to have consciousness that helps us transcend that little oversight.

I think  for some of us, it’s a lot about convenience. Getting off oil and living sustainably would be seriously inconvenient. At least for a while.

For others of us, it’s more raw. It’s survival. As Walter Russell Mead pointed out in a  conflict between advocacy for our Earth and making a living: ” People in distress will butcher every panda in the zoo before they see their children starve, they will torch every forest on earth before they freeze to death, and the cheaper and the meaner their lives are, the less energy or thought they will spare to the perishing world around them.”

Nasty, but I’m inclined to agree. Why else? Well, I think it’s kind of like my nightmare. The world was ending and I was even discussing with my husband and sister how terrible that was. But my husband my children and I, we were all still alive. In my worst nightmare I couldn’t really even dream not being here. Why? Because it’s my dream and I don’t have to. Because I am. Because I’m like you and I can’t imagine the ‘notness’ of it all. And that will most likely work for you and me until we die a natural death in old age.

But what of our children? What of theirs, our grandchildren? I’m not even going to mention great grandchildren. And that’s not even seven generations. Look at it this way. We’re just about in 2013. That means mid-century is 37 years away.  Have you really considered what a loved one of yours will be facing by 2050? Or by the end of this century, which is about the lifetime of today’s infants — 87 years…

Well, if you think that child is as likely as you to die of old age, you’d better sit down before you watch this. In fact, you may be better off with your head in the sand. No, I don’t believe that. I believe that’s the problem, not the solution.So I dare you to watch this video. Let me know if you picked up the glove.




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