Sound Bites for Dinner

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

Poor Americans. The vast majority of the potential voting public* are pathetic huddled masses indeed. An outsider might say this is an overweight country stuffed with folks that feel entitled to all the goodies and seem to keep grabbing them.

May be. But it is also a country on the brink of starvation. Sensationalism is Coke Cola — an addictive, zero content, high calorie, sugar-oozing carb. America, never really full, keeps coming back for more. So what looks well-fed on the outside, is just excessive bloat.

Sure the food America is fed comes politicians and their ilk. But who’s feeding America such blather? The media, of course. And here’s the diet: Life-changing info presented in easy to swallow sound bites. No chewing required. Answers to complex issues in short sentences. Best served loud, and trimmed with absurdity. Just grab a few quick bites and swallow. Superficial, yes. But also repetitive. That’s an important part of the diet.  The same for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all those snacks — simplistic info-data drizzled over and over. Again and again.

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Truth? No problem. As long as it fits into the diet. Lies? Pile ’em on! They’re an easy fit. Smooth. Easy to swallow.  In-depth review? Indigestible. Boring. Deadly. Therefore avoid at all costs.

Who will win the presidency in Nov? Before this visit I would have sworn it would be Barack Obama. Then again, I was convinced a country that got duped into allowing W to be placed into office once, after which he squandered the Dem’s hard-won (back from the last Rep deficit) 5.6 Trillion $ surplus in two destructive, senseless  wars, and creating a stupendous deficit, would never see office again. Lousy grammar. Correct statement. Anyway…I’m getting real politik savvy.

Now I know who will win. The worst dietitian  And I know he will not win for the right reasons. If R-money wins, I will light a candle for all that shall be lost. Then I will fault — for starters and not necessarily in priority order–

  • a startlingly under-educated, poorly schooled populace
  • the billions allowed to be spent in support/attack of candidates for public office
  • a voting public denied access to in-depth coverage, and for a myriad of reasons beyond what I’ve mentioned here…
  • the media.

BTW, did you know?
There are democratic countries where campaigns are limited in time (like 6 weeks) and money. Where people vote for a party position, rather than a particular candidate, and where the mega billions spent in the US on elections are then available for better purposes. Austria and most of Europe jumps to mind.

*  Leaving aside the NPR/NYT/Atlantic, etc-addicted intelligentsia.

(Quotes are from Emma Lazarus’s poem “The Colossus,” engraved on the base of the Statue of Liberty)



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