PV Rocks!

downtown PV - el centro. pretty close to home.

A natural life, a life in nature. Easy to find here. We’re still getting our ocean-front sea legs as we settle into life here in our home of choice — Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After our 10 months in Suriname we realized we had become addicted to a variety of things about life beyond the US borders. We looked a lot at maps and decided PV would fit just perfectly — an easy plane ride back, or a long but interesting road trip, a place my husband can practice acupuncture, inexpensive living, slow pace but still lots happening. All true, but it doesn’t begin to describe anything about life here.

It’s a trip back in time in many ways that appeal to me — like small shops, kids playing outside, clothes lines, lots of public transport, people that talk to each other, safe places to walk, fruit & veggie trucks that come down your street, lots of stuff done by hand. Mexico seems to have a flair for color, a love of beauty and an almost constant array of smells that may be matched elsewhere, but would be hard to beat. Some gringos can’t take the constant sounds — dogs barking, roosters crowing, cats screwing, cats fighting, burros hawing (or whatever that sound is), music, street vendors, cars… I’m amazed at how easily I have adapted.

Missing here is the entire commuting life style which granted, you can avoid by living in the city where you work, if you can afford it and if it’s not totally the hood. While  PV has top medical and dental care and is totally WIFI-literate, lots of conveniences are missing. But that suits me fine as well. I’m not trying to convince anyone to come; I’m just sayin’.

It’s the same and very different from a few decades ago in the States. Sometimes I feel like it’s familiar and I can just about put my finger on it. Then we stroll over to the sandy beach and amazing view of Banderas Bay and it’s something I’ve never known. Now that view in a warm clime is something you’d pay a lot of money to live near in the US — if you could get to the beach at all. Unlike my country of birth, here there is no such thing as a ‘private’ beach in MX.

We’re expecting a visit from our kids in March — via sailboat from Cali. Sometimes I think I’m dreaming. Maybe I am, and that’s ok.


Pelicans know a good thing too