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The Blogosphere is burning with opinions on the Aurora movie theater slaughter of July 20th. Personally, I’m speechless. Instead of saying something I’m likely to regret, I’ll satisfy my need to write about this tragedy with a pop quiz. Let me know what grade you get. Be honest.  As for me, due to underestimates too vast to note, I flunked miserably. 

The mass shootings in 2007 at Virgina Tech. How many people were killed (excluding the shooter who killed himself)?


A mere 16 miles away,1999. Columbine High School. How many?

13 dead. 20 wounded (plus the teen shooters who killed themselves.) *

How many more gun-related deaths are there in the USA than in economic and politically similar countries – all of which have gun regulation?

Eight. If that doesn’t seem huge, look at it this way —

8 people die there, 64 people die in the US.
64 die there, 512 die in the US.
512 deaths there, 4,096 people die in the US.
Etc. **

How many people are hit by bullets each year in the USA?

About 100,000.

How many of those die?

Over 31,000

If it seems outrageous, feel free to double check. The Brady campaign, which has been around for many years, has a counter on their home page. ***

How many are either children or teens and survive?

123,370. Or 38 kids shot every day in the States.

How many kids die from gun violence?

2,920. That’s eight kids that die every day of the year.#

“Until our leaders find the courage to do what’s right, the massacres will keep happening. And that is the most senseless tragedy of all.” ##

OK, But…. That leads to one last question.

How many firearms are there in US households?

Almost 300 million. ###

“As we continue to feel sad about the deaths of the 3,000 people killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001, we need to be saddened as well by the deaths of more than 10 times that many individuals killed every year by gun violence in the United States.quote 

In homage to unspeakable loss, I selected one picture, one of too many. It could have been any innocent — any one of us or our loved ones.

John Thomas Larimer


At the end of each source, is a symbol, either * or #. All data above that symbol is from the source noted here.

** Committee on Law and Justice (2004). “Chapter 3”Firearms and Violence: A Critical ReviewNational Academy of ScienceISBN 0-309-09124-1.cited in Wiki:





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