5 easy ways to get slim and stay slim!

Yes, weight control without dieting!  No diets at all? How is that possible! Well, have you tried dieting? If you’ve tried one diet you’ve probably tried many diets. Perhaps you’ve tried other means of weight control. If you’re like most of us who want to lose weight, you’ve probably tried workouts, fads, supplements and diets over and over and still the weight keeps coming back.  If that’s your story it puts you in the 98 percent tile of people who have tried diets. Once you get that diets won’t work because they don’t get to the root of the problem you can begin to find alternatives to diets. Learn alternatives to dieting and you can find easy ways to keep the weight off now, tomorrow and forever.

Let’s start with five simple things you can do:

1. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. Stop it right now. Every time you look in the mirror and tell yourself: “My belly is disgusting,” or “OMG, that’s a triple chin!” you reinforce exactly that image of yourself. It’s like feeding a monster. With each meal of negative self-talk it gets stronger.

2. MAKE NICE. Use self-talk to your advantage. You know you talk to yourself anyway. Change the words to ones that make you feel good instead of bad. Every time that voice creeps in override it with the opposite. “My belly is round and soft.” “I love my face!”

3. TRUST IN REPETITION. Use repetition to help you meet your goals. You may find yourself doubting your ‘opposite speak’ technique. That’s not because it’s false, it’s because it’s new. How many times did you use the nasty stuff? Keep at it over and over until it feels right. Because eventually it must — that’s the power of repetition.

4. IMAGINE YOUR GOALS IN DETAIL. In place of negative self-talk use positive images over and over to clarify, crystallize and reinforce your weight goals. Imagine little details. Imagine them with each of your senses. Allow yourself to get excited. Actually force yourself to get excited! That’s how you you make it real to yourself.

5. ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT. Wow. Point 5 and I’m finally mentioning food. But only to encourage you to allow yourself to thoroughly savor every bite.  Fact is, if you’ve dieted you already know what’s good for you and what isn’t. Now sit comfortably, eat slowly, chew well, and enjoy, knowing what you’re doing is good for you. You probably haven’t done that in a long, long time.

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