Wow! I made my first tinctures, after calling on all to support and guide me in a wonderful blessing ceremony for my new undertaking. That night I dreamed of being ushered into the back room of an herbalists’s store, where the remedies were made. It was magical and I was like a kid in a candy store. It was a room as huge as it was old. Work stations were everywhere with broths cooking, pots boiling, steam rising and the deep dark aroma of herb mixtures. The owner talked with me and then said I could look around and ask questions. I wanted to know the secrets. I remember so strongly wanting to know that. It was the strength of the wanting that woke me.

The next night I was in a discussion with some someones — which herb should be the mother tonic? Which the mother sedative? We went back and forth and opinions flew. I remember none of it, but when I woke I knew which would be each.

Then last night, or rather in the early hours of the morning I dreamed of the wee people. The faery folk. Never had I had a sleeping dream of them. What roused me was the plight of a faery, a man. Somehow he wasn’t an elf, he was a faery, though without wings. He was dressed neatly in a suit and tie, but some idiot had put him in a bottle and then left. His plight was that he had to pee and couldn’t get out. Of course I helped him, but was astounded that anyone could be so thoughtless. I was also surprised at just how tiny he was. I knew they were small, but seeing it up close was still a surprise.

Dreams of business and the business of dreams merge seamlessly as my body, mind, spirit mend. It’s all part of the same healing, the yummy goody I have craved.



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