speaking of bread dough

Here’s a few did you knows. Did you know that spelt is the grandmother of wheat? Been around for thousands of years. It’s much higher in protein than commercial wheat — like 10 – 25 % higher.

Did you know kamut is also about 6,000 years old, and carries the Egyptian name for wheat. It’s kin to durham wheat. Much higher in protein than regular wheat, like 20 – 40 % and other goodies too like a lot more amino acids and vitamins.

Did you know that most people have sensitivities to commercial wheat? Not surprising. It has been hybridized for commercial purposes. Topping the list of modifications is that it can sit on the shelf without going bad. I suppose that’s good.What’s bad? It does the same thing in our stomachs.

It resists our digestive juices. Result. Poor absorption of whatever nutrients are there — at best. Generally though there’s the extra added attraction of bloating, gas and intestinal discomfort. Appetizing. Yummy.

Have you heard of xylitol? It’s not sugar, it’s a sugar alcohol. Vive la difference! A lot less calories, zero carbs, safe for diabetics, and seems to prevent tooth decay. 

Oh, one other did-ya-know. Flour left for more than 24 hours before it is baked loses 90 (that’s 90) percent of its nutritional value. 

So here’s my point. We got a grinder it’s expensive – but not necessary if you live near a good store where you can grind your own. We got a bread machine. Cheap. For a high-protein delicious bread I combine kamut/2 C, spelt 1 1/4 C and 3/4 C rye (for a nice kick). If I’m around I set the bread machine to dough, shape it let it rise 30 min and bake it in the oven 30 min. I generally add pumpkin or sunflower seeds, sometimes nuts. You can put anything in that suits your fancy.

Result? You know what you’re eating, it’s delicious and it’s good for you. Then there’s the sex. Oh that’s right. This was about bread. Bummer.


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