“You’re acting like Rusty”

That’s what Jakob told me as I sat unmoving today in the cockpit of his 34′ Coronado sloop. Vintage 1969, Patience is still a beauty, her age doesn’t show, and she’s fully decked out for blue water. She had made the 5-week trip from Santa Cruz to Puerto Vallarta with her brilliant crew lovingly tending to her every need. The work my sons Jakob and Daniel and their buddy Paul (our honorary son now) put in on her non-stop for 5 weeks in Moss Landing, CA. before they left paid off. All 4 did well over the several hundred nautical miles to PV. But that story & video is being documented on their blog:  http://treksandtracks.com/blogs/.

My story is about their 17.5 day trip on land  — except for Patience. She waited Patiently at Muelle Iguana in a well-protected slip. Shortly after their two-day early arrival, the crew washed, cleaned, dried, and battened down Patience so she, and they, could get a well-deserved rest. PV is about half-way to their final destination of Costa Rica, and here they knew they would be welcomed into the open arms of family.

Sarah, Jakob’s girlfriend was also here and a few days ago, their guest for the next leg arrived as well. We had bloomed from three to eight in a matter of days. Mattresses were strewn in the spare room and on the terrace. The grocer across the street delighted in the visit of our hungry youngin’s, and we basked in their enthusiasm, planning, hard work and unending joy.

Hour after hour we huddled around our little table designed for four  — eating, drinking, swapping stories, questioning the world outside and reveling in the peace inside. Our yoga teacher and friend not only shared her yoga. She taught partner and sangha (community) classes with us where we supported, touched, pushed and pulled each other, releasing even more abundant and free-flowing happiness and love .

Our excursions into Vallarta, Sayulita and Yelapa were great fun, but the best of times — when we weren’t hacking away on the 6 computers that were omnipresent reminders of what-must-be-done-Now — were around food. It was the energy, sensory delights and time shared buying fresh fruits & veggies, cooking beans, devouring panela (a delicious mild local cheese), tortillas hot off the press, fresh bolillos (delicious rolls, warm in the early morning), tasting 20 different locally made candies, slicing mangoes and avocados. It was just the sitting & being that was so amazing.

So when Jakob said “You’re acting like Rusty” he was referring to our Jack Russell terrier. Like most JR’s, Rusty was a character. He wanted what he wanted when he wanted it and very little was going to get in his way. For a short guy he could dig his paws in like nobody’s business. If you tried to move him when he didn’t want to go he would act like you were the Enemy and you had just invaded his territory.

That’s about how much I didn’t want our time to end. The moment I would get off Patience they were free to leave. Unlike Rusty, I was able to bend somewhat gracefully to the greater good and let the crew get on with their dream. Rusty would bark like crazy if he didn’t get his way. I only whined a little when they sailed off.