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The EDITH Syndrome

If you’ve read any of my posts you footprints on the worldprobably noticed sustainability is one of my great passions. There’s lots to fire it as the years roll on along with increased ocean acidification, climate change impacts, and the deadly EDITH syndrome pandemic.

This fatal eco-illness impedes our ability to make grown-up choices and leads us to increasingly childish behavior. We turn our backs even as we turn the corner to irreversible damage.

EDITH, aka ‘Ecological Deer in the Headlights’ syndrome, appears to have many causes. These include fear, selfishness, self-imposed ignorance, FOX news, stupid radio, greed, and efforts to pretend opinion and religion are science. It’s also fed by the mass addiction to pretending our actions — either for good or harm — have no enduring impacts.

IMO, reality just is and climate facts just are. And all actions have consequences. Nano-second by nano-second, step by step we create and impact reality. To the extent we choose to ignore that truth, we create a lemming-reality in which we blindly, passively march to our own destruction.

Maybe I can help? I don’t know, but at least I won’t ignore. I’ve decided to use the teeny voice of my blog to help save the world as we know it. I think we need good news as well as the rest. Especially in dire circumstances, hope can be the only parachute we have left. So I’m going to use both a carrot and a stick.



Carrot: this happens when we act in alignment with nature.


monkey with stick


Stick: Where EDITH is taking us now.


The potentially bad news here is these are links. You’ll have to, you know, take action. My one-step EDITH antidote.

Carrot: How Wolves Change Rivers 

Stick: Dave Roberts on Climate Change and Economic Growth