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Earth Day = Human Rights Day

I have 3 Earth Day questions for you:

If you had one message for the world, what would it be?

If you did one activity, what would it be?

If you focused on one solution, what would it be?

My one message?
In 1995, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s words electrified the 4th UN Conference on Women in Beijing. In a speech ranked 35th of the top 100 of the 20th Century she told the world that “Women’s rights are human rights.”
This Earth Day, I will add this. Planetary rights are human rights.

Our blind violation of the biosphere that supports life is a one-way street to human destruction. For millions of years our planet supported a myriad of species, thank you very much. We newcomers that came along a mere few hundred thousand years ago, we are the ones thatrequire a delicate balance to survive. Our planet is vastly more robust than our species. Until we replace dominion delusions with simple stewardship we will continue to deny our own human rights.

My activity?
I live in a town that has fingers in the mountains and toes in the ocean. I could go to either place today, but my choice this year is the ocean. I’ll toss some beach garbage in a trash can and wish people I meet ‘Happy Earth Day.’ Ocean. Source of wonder. Source of life.

My single solution?
Awareness-building. Most of my career was in public information and often I wondered what on Earth it took to change people’s minds. I learned the pitiful weakness of facts, logic, data and information in the face of strongly held beliefs and personal myths.
My individual solution is to create stories that touch universal desires — an attempt to nudge a change of heart. Change the heart and the mind will follow.

As an issue, for now I pick saving the seas – acidification, overfishing, garbage… As goes the ocean, so does life.

So those are mine, for today. I figure we can dig in anywhere, personal preference ergo no wrong answers. The only error, and it’s a costly one in my opinion, is to have no answers. So I’ll shut up and let you get to yours — and if that’s tomorrow that’s okay too. Every day is Earth Day.