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Rainforest Herbs Improve Digestion

Try putting sugar in a gas tank and what happens? Your engine pops, belches and ultimately can ruin your engine. It’s like bad health — disappointing, disruptive and expensive. Our physiological gas tanks – our digestive systems – are more sophisticated and can handle a lot more abuse. But ultimately they too can spiral out of control and really ruin our day.

Too often we neglect the all-important fuel we put into our bodies. We may be too busy, too tired, too stressed, or too hungry to bother with a good meal. While there’s no substitute for good nutrition, sometimes we just don’t get there. That’s when it makes sense to support our systems with the next best thing – natural, well-balanced herbs to support our digestion. Tiger Tummy helps our body maximize energy and nutrition, and helps with the common symptoms of tummy trouble — acid reflux and poor digestion.

The secret is a blend of herbs that work simply and effectively by supporting the key organs important to digestion: The liver and gallbladder so they produce bile. The stomach so digestive juices are strong. Protection against acid reflux, maximizing the breakdown of food in the stomach, supporting the intestinal tract and helping things move efficiently and quickly. Our bodies are designed to keep what we need for the best possible nutritional results. Tiger Tummy supports that process. By doing so it turns regular into super so our digestive engine works at maximum capacity.

The Herbs in Tiger Tummy

Tiger Tummy blends together well-known and well-researched rainforest herbs to stimulate healthy digestion — carqueja, artichoke, fedegoso, quinine, gervâo, and picão preto.

Improved Digestion with Rainforest Herbs

Tiger Tummy is nature’s digestive aid, helping the body break down food for proper absorption. The herbs help prevent acid reflux, contain bitters to aid absorption and protect the digestive tract and organs. Many health professionals believe good digestion is the key to better health. We know how much better we feel when our digestion works well!

Tiger Tummy’s natural herbs aid the body’s digestive process, strengthens the liver to filter toxins. This helps guard against the many afflictions that can be caused by poor digestion. Our body is our most important asset and fueling it properly as well as aiding digestion and nutrient absorption helps ensure our bodies serve us well. Unlike the skyrocketing price of gas for our cars, Tiger Tummy remains affordable!

Natural Digestive Support for Better Health

Digestive remedies and antacids account for some of the biggest pharmaceutical sales in America. Yet too often drugs bring their own problems. Imagine Tiger Tummy. Here in the combined power of natural plants is a remedy that improves digestion and relieves pain while it protects, tones, and supports your body’s digestive organs and improves your health.

Put Tiger Tummy in your digestive engine today and turn regular to super!

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Rainforest Herbs Promote Stress-free Relaxation

It’s often said that misery loves company. But if you have ever experienced anxiety, stress, sleep problems or insomnia, you’ve probably noticed only the misery and felt no company at all. In which case it might surprise you to learn that millions of people suffer from anxiety, sleep problems and insomnia.  Anti-anxiety medications and sleeping agents are among the leading prescriptions in industrialized nations around the world.  These prescriptions don’t come alone. They come with serious warnings about possible side effects and the potential for addiction.  


Although many people rely on them to relieve stress, anxiety, sleep problems and insomnia, others are seeking alternative solutions.  No prescription or herbal remedy substitutes for good diet, exercise and stress-free living. That said, we all need help sometimes! That’s why more and more people like you are turning to natural ways to relieve stress-related problems.


Dynamic well-balanced formula to support stress-free relaxation


Mellow Monkey has been specially formulated to target the physiology of stress and combat it in a healthy, balanced way. Mellow Monkey helps with stress, anxiety, sleep problems and insomnia. It promotes relaxation, rest, deep sleep and well-being.


Some of the plants included in Mellow Monkey have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities. This additional benefit is intentional. We are sometimes nervous or unable to take proper relaxation or sleep because of generalized discomfort or pain, yet don’t recognize it for what it is. When our bodies are relaxed and comfortable our minds have the opportunity to let go of the stresses and tensions of daily life.


Mellow Monkey combines well-documented rainforest herbs with both a long history of indigenous use and much research from western science.


Mellow Monkey supports relaxation, combats nervousness and anxiety and promotes a natural peaceful sleep: all the benefits without harmful side effects or risk of dependency.  With OnePlanet Herb’s special blend of rainforest herbs, stress and anxiety are smoothed away helping you feel focused and good again. 


The Importance of Reducing Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Problems and Insomnia


It is not uncommon for these conditions to travel together and become a package deal of unpleasantness.  Over time this can wreak havoc on our physical, emotional and mental states. 


Many people find that even small life-style changes can lead to big changes. Sometimes just a little more fresh air and a little less of stressful situations can add up to big changes. Mellow Monkey is a time-honored support in making change big and small. We all deserve the opportunity to fully enjoy life. Mellow Monkey is a great way to turn things around – get the company without the misery. 



Herbal Remedy Supports Energy and Relieves Stress

The hectic pace of our modern lifestyles lead many of us to search for more energy and stress relief. Both are found in the rainforest.  Rainforest herbs offer energy and are full of components that provide relief from the physical and mental stresses of daily life. The whole body benefits from using nature’s own remedies and many chemicals and synthetic pharmaceuticals can be avoided by relying instead on nature’s own secrets.


Throughout human history people have relied on plants for medicinal purposes.  Many cultures around the world continue to use these natural ways of healing both for specific ailments and for better health in general.  Many of us find that rainforest herbs offer strong healing support and health benefits while helping avoid dangerous side effects. Why? Often a pharmaceutical is one component from a plant that is synthesized out for a specific purpose. Herbal remedies are different. Herbal remedies use the whole leaf, or bark or roots, or even the whole plant. Such herbal remedies come to you in balance and help you keep a healthy balance as well.


Rainforest herbs are great companions that can help reduce the stress of every day living and provide a long-lasting, comfortable energy. The abundant energy support in Sloth-No-More is constant and constitutional. No caffeine buzz followed by the caffeine crash. Additionally the body benefits at many levels from the nutrients in rainforest herbs.


Rainforest Herbal Remedy

The rainforest herbs that target and benefit stress relief and energy include jatobá, chuchuhuasi, uña de gato (cat’s claw), sarsaparilla, catuaba and samambaia.  These are all in Sloth-No-More.  These herbs have been used for centuries to treat ailments including stress and anxiety. Together, they offer an alternative to the highs and lows of the caffeine roller coaster: comfortable, supportive energy that is fully natural and long-lasting.


These wonderful and beneficial herbs have conveniently been formulated into one ideal product — Sloth-No-More.  Offering a deep level of energy that does not drop you the way caffeine will, Sloth-No-More offers stress relief and long lasting healthiness.


Why should we deal with stress anyway?


Stress is a serious condition with many potential physical, mental and emotional impacts.  It is connected not only with poor overall body function, but disturbed sleep and insomnia, low energy, depression, and other physical ailments.


Sloth-No-More rainforest herbs combine the right herbs to target stress relief and provide natural constitutional energy while protecting against harmful side effects.  Our body’s fight or flight response certainly helps us, but sometimes we can’t do either one. We’re just stuck in the middle of everyday living! Support from Sloth-No-More offers ongoing protection for your system and helps provide you with the feelings of long-lasting energy and well-being you deserve.





Rainforest Herbs Improve Memory, Support Brain Functions

Doing well in our fast-paced world requires lots of brain power, good memory, and fast response time. We know good diet, fresh air, exercise and rest are essential. We also know that doesn’t always happen. As we grow older, many of us seek ways to keep our brains fresh and our energy strong.


Yet all too often we overlook the basics of long-term health in our search for a quick boost. The popularity of caffeine and sugar-laden drinks, and shelves full of drugs and pharmaceutical products attest to this.  Here’s the good news.


Herbs that are Neuroprotective, Cell Protective


You can find enormously protective and effective brain support in nature’s own medicine cabinet — the rainforest.  The rainforest herbs in Elephant Elixir are especially effective in protecting brain cells, improving memory, and combating the effects of aging.


Herbs that are Anti-aging


What makes these herbs anti-aging?  If you protect brain cells from breaking down and aging, you protect the body as well. This in turn improves memory and supports the immune system to help the body from falling ill. These specialized cell protective qualities keep our minds sharper and help our bodies retain a youthful elasticity. 



The Amazon Rainforest Herbs of Elephant Elixir


Herbs that Strengthen the Brain


Together, the five herbs in Elephant Elixir are an ideal combination for strengthening the vital functions of the brain as well as supporting the body’s all-important central nervous system and immune system. Our brains are more than the processor of a super-computer. They are also the great balancer of emotions and spirit. By protecting our brain cells we can expect improved health and well being. We can look to high octane performance from our body, mind and spirit.


The Importance of Protecting against Brain Cell Loss


Protecting the brain and the body’s cells is very important.  Often our diets and lives today include harmful additives and lack the proper nutrition that can protect our brain cells. This can potentially lead to debilitating conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life.


One of the natural side effects of aging is a loss of brain cells leading to memory loss, a loss of focus as well as difficulties in sharp thinking.  The brain is the most complicated organ in our body and the aging process loses brain cells rapidly; like 30,000 to 50,000 each day!  Elephant Elixir helps to reduce loss of these all important brain cells and fights against the aging process.


The result is clearer thinking, increased memory and sharper brain function.  Protecting our cells from the aging process is important throughout our lives. If you remember Elephant Elixir it will help you remember a clearer and sharper life!



Rainforest Herbs Combat the Pain of Arthritis

Many people are just finding out that there are several herbs found in the rainforest that have positive effects on arthritis and help guard against the pain and the swelling associated with arthritis.  When these rainforest herbs are used to treat ailments the body gets the benefits of the whole leaf, bark, root or even the whole plant. The active portion in the herb is surrounded by supplemental components that buffer ill effects and boost active properties.  


People throughout history have used plants for medicinal purposes and many cultures continue to use natural methods for healing and health.  Herbal remedies offer strong healing and health benefits while avoiding many dangerous and at times life threatening side effects. 


The rainforest herbs in Leaping Lizard offer many positive benefits. These include relief from the symptomatic pain of arthritis, general pain, swelling and inflammation, stiffness and joint pain. For centuries people have found relief using the same herbs that are brought to you now in one effective remedy: Leaping Lizard.


The rainforest herbs that are essential and beneficial to general pain, swelling, and the symptoms of arthritis have been carefully chosen and specifically formulated into Leaping Lizard.


Herbal Remedy Supports Relief from Pain and Arthritis


Arthritis, the leading cause of disability in people over fifty, is a group of conditions that cause damage to the joints of the body.  All forms of arthritis cause pain however the pain patterns vary.  Most also cause a degree of stiffness and at times deformity and the inability to perform even simple day-to-day tasks. 


There are different types of arthritis and causes of arthritis though most are treated similarly in Western medicine.  One recommendation that seems widely accepted is to get regular exercise.  Keep moving to lubricate the joints.  Beyond that, herbal and allopathic approaches differ. Western medicine uses a number of drugs to help control inflammation and pain. Most prescription drugs are derived from plants but extract out one active component only. 


The Importance of the Whole Plant in Healing


Herbal medicine works with the whole plant to provide the same relief, but in a more balanced way. Plants’ healing qualities are supported, balanced and strengthened by the surrounding components. By throwing these out we can negate many positive protections and buffers to protect us from potential harm.  Leaping Lizard rainforest herbs combine the right herbs to target the afflictions and joint pain associated with arthritis and protect against harmful side effects. 


The only danger with Leaping Lizard is you might find yourself performing activities you haven’t done for a long time making people wonder if you are reliving your youth.





Witch Doctor’s Apprentice 1962

I’m reading Nicole Maxwell’s book Witch Doctor’s Apprentice — from 1962. One tough white girl! So far my favorit part is where she took a fall in waist-high mud and to save her camera wrenched her shoulder. Out of defensive pride she immediately got up and kept going, despite excruciating pain. A squeeky sound she couldn’t identify kept bothering her.  It wasn’t until she realized she wasn’t walking anymore, but had collapsed on the ground and was being helped up that she realized it was her own outbreath. Her native guide helped her. This is a woman who spent her life working on the identification of healing herbs. While the pharmaceutical industry jerked her around and gave her no support, the world was waitingl. So she lived out her life recognized for the great pathfinder she was.