Monthly Archives: May 2008

Landmark moon

Today was the last day of shaking my first batch of herbs. Perfect that it is a deep, still and dark night. It is as if all the herbal brews of all the women helpers and healers are resting in the hidden and unseen corners of this moonless night. Waiting to grow again, to flourish. And as of tomorrow the herbs will lie undisturbed a few days and as the moon grows they will transmute and combine to become tinctures. My first batch of alchemical transformations.

At the more mundane level I still am running the obstacle course with the Dept of Ag and dealing with the hurdles of starting. Inertia is powerful, but my will is stronger and my joy is greater.

I must say it is, at best, exhausting to spend, spend, spend with nothing coming in. At worst, it’s terrifying. Of course it’s all taking longer, there’s more to do and more money is flowing outward than anticipated. But when I saw the Market on opening day this Saturday I knew this would go well. It feels like a lifetime ago that I made so many mistakes in my last retail endeavor. Learning can be a bitch. But learned I have.  There’s anoher huge difference.

This project springs from the deepest parts of me and I feel a gentle support and guidance on this path. More than that, I feel like it was a part of me before it ever began being born. It lay hidden, like the dreams and spirits of healers on a dark new moon night.