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Herbal remedy relieves asthma and upper respiratory conditions

Herbal remedy relieves asthma and upper respiratory conditions

Ever tried to breathe through a straw? If you are one of the lucky ones who has never experienced an asthma attack or serious upper respiratory problem you probably haven’t even thought about it. I’ve spoken to enough sufferers to know how bad it is. Witnessing my young child having an asthmatic reaction to an allergen ranks high on the list of things not to experience if you have any choice in the matter. When it comes to those we love we rarely have the luxury to choose.

Asthma statistics according to the experts (you may want to skip this if you get upset easily)

Perhaps, like me, you already know asthma affects way too many people. Additionally it is on the rise and is supported by poor indoor quality, air pollution, poverty and inadequate health care. But according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ( the stats are staggering:

  • Asthma affects an estimated 20 million people
  • A full 50% of asthma cases are “allergic-asthma.”
  • Since the early ‘80s the number of asthma sufferers has been on the increase across every age, sex and racial group.
  • Asthma accounts for one-quarter of all emergency room visits in the U.S. each year — 2 million.
  • It also accounts for more than 10 million outpatient visits and 500,000 hospitalizations
  • Asthma is the most common chronic condition among children. It accounts for more lost school days than any other single reason.
  • The annual cost of asthma is estimated to be nearly $18 billion.

If you have asthma make sure you consult a physician… and then

Need I state that anyone with asthma should consult a medical doctor and follow their doctor’s recommendations? That much is obvious. But what if you are looking for more natural support?

I would like to offer a solution for additional symptomatic relief that is helping many asthma sufferers. The Lion’s Roar is an herbal blend of rainforest herbs that have a long tradition of use to diminish the symptoms of asthma. The herbs support the upper respiratory system both in the short and long-term.

Scientific validation of asthma relief

One of the merits of rainforest herbs is the amount of scientific research on them. Western pharmaceutical companies devote a great deal of time and money to understand rainforest plants and isolate important components. One such herb is amor seco.

As an aside, some years ago I had a strong allergic reaction to a wasp sting and didn’t realize it for a while. Don’t ask. Anyway, I was on the verge of anaphylactic shock before the doc slapped my arm enough to be able to shoot medicine into my fast disappearing vein. All’s well that ends well, but it was of personal interest to me that amor seco studies also reported anti-anaphylactic activity against many known allergy-causing substances.

I said it was of interest – not a substitute for proper medical care. DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH ALLERGIES AND POSSIBLE ANAPHYLAXIS. As a total believer in herbs I say loud and clear: Dial 911 immediately if you have an allergic reaction.

The herbs in The Lion’s Roar combine to provide relief from upper respiratory and bronchial problems including asthma.

    These wonderful and beneficial herbs have conveniently been formulated into one ideal product – The Lion’s Roar. Offering a natural support for asthma and other respiratory problems, The Lion’s Roar makes a great addition to nature’s medicine chest. (pardon the pun).


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