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Men and their guns

Guns don’t kill. People do. Well, duh… Obviously. But no one says that to state the stupidly obvious. It’s used as an overly simplistic piece of byte-brain verbiage to endorse and perpetuate the devastating American male love affair with guns.

semiautomatic rifles at a gun show

This time, as Santa was about to hear a child’s Christmas wish, 22 year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts was wildly firing an AR-semiautomatic rifle at people he had never met. Their particular crime was to go shopping at the Clackamas mall. Continue reading


Gun Pop Quiz

The Blogosphere is burning with opinions on the Aurora movie theater slaughter of July 20th. Personally, I’m speechless. Instead of saying something I’m likely to regret, I’ll satisfy my need to write about this tragedy with a pop quiz. Let me know what grade you get. Be honest.  As for me, due to underestimates too vast to note, I flunked miserably. 

The mass shootings in 2007 at Virgina Tech. How many people were killed (excluding the shooter who killed himself)? Continue reading