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War and Pieces

The US, Mexico and Canada are a bloody mess. The civil war continues unabated. It seems unstoppable. The religious right banned together under the name “Intentional Salvation is Life” (ISIL). They joined forces with the US-based Tea Party. Together they created well-trained ISIL militias. For the past two years, they have been waging an uncompromising holy war throughout North America.

They built slowly for some years, playing on entrenched xenophobic fears of immigrants. They used racist propaganda not only to separate whites from others, but in Mexico to set lighter skinned Latinos against darker skinned. They successfully built homophobia into a cornerstone of their hate propaganda. They unflinchingly deny women equal rights — a word they say is a misnomer. They believe women are granted ‘privilege,’ and those have been have handed out ‘too liberally’ by the unbelievers.

In every state and province where they have a majority, the rights of all but themselves are increasingly trampled on. Terror, bombings and assassinations have become so commonplace that no one has clear numbers anymore. They are extraordinarily well-funded and seem to have an ever-expanding arsenal.

The US National Guard has been stretched beyond endurance, as have the police, federal and state authorities in Canada and Mexico. In the U.S., what was once a reliable national government is so divided that no coherent action is possible. They are stopped at every turn by ISIL supporters. Canada is not far behind and Mexico is suffering under internecine warfare within the cartels – some for ISIL, some against.

Resistence is ongoing, but weak. Mostly because in the absence of strong federal support, the response falls mainly on a divided and faltering progressive coalition.

The world seems to agree that North America is a danger to the global community. Europe is reflecting on the rise of fascism and wondering if it really could happen again, this time in the new world.

Reluctantly the Arab League decides the threat to Islam is real and can no longer be ignored. The North American violent right appears to be winning and if they do, it means disaster for the Middle East. The Islamic world knows full well they will be ISIL’s next target. In fact, ISIL hasn’t tried to hide their plans to take over control of the oil-rich areas in the Middle East and carry out a “modern-day Crusades” against what they view as the largest international threat to their sovereignty and religion.

What should the Arab League do? The debate swings widely.

Doves argue for working privately and quietly. They want to funnel funds to progressives. They propose education campaigns among the vulnerable and international cooperation to help with arrests of offenders. They claim any incursion into the morass of North America by Islamists would be lengthy, end poorly for all and turn into a no-win and protracted struggle.

Even with the best intentions, they argue, military activity would be seen as an infringement on the rights of sovereign peoples. Instead of winning over hearts and minds to a peaceful solution, doves claim any non-peaceful intervention would be viewed as a holy war against Christianity.

Those in the middle argue for limited military activity as a ‘necessary evil.’ Their plan is to send a limited number of troops to train progressives in counter-insurgency techniques. They would consider bombing, but only if no other solution could be found. Those a small step ahead on the hawkish path argue that in addition to training, they must bomb targeted strongholds of the right wing extremists and they must assassinate the leaders.

The extreme hawks say time is not on the side of the Arab world. A victory by anti-Islamists bent on destroying their way of life is well worth some diplomatic scorn. Act decisively and quickly, they argue, for back-room deals are already underway — ISIL is in ongoing negotiations to buy oil fields. There is talk that some of their most highly placed members could be smuggling nuclear weapons into the Middle East.

They argue this evil must be eradicated by all means necessary. Short of that, the Arab way of life, the valuable oil fields and religious freedom will be taken away. They ask the League to sanction bombing, assassinations and ‘boots on the ground’ as needed until the aggressive and unthinkable evil is eradicated.

What do you think they should do?


Equinox paradox

It is the spring Equinox and I am again reminded how wonderful it feels to be even a tiny part of the web of Nature. I’m reminded how powerful, breathtakingly stunning and yet how fragile is our little planet. And how utterly ridiculous it was to ever dream up the Biblical misnomer ‘dominion’ over it when the only word that ever made sense was stewardship. Continue reading


Are you one of those people who will actually die?

On August 4, following the last time I saw my aunt alive, I blogged about her. On Sept 20 I got The Call and 3 hours later was en route to Costa Rica, where she had left her home, her life of over 24 years, and all her belongings. I want to insert here two words to anyone who may, at some point in an unforeseen future, actually die and may have friends, family or strangers to clean up after them:

Downsize. NOW.

I don’t want to sound like an insurance agent or an Estate attorney, but for Christ sake face IT. Not doing so won’t make IT go away because IT will happen to any being ever born, and perhaps unlike my 93-year old aunt who’d been tapping her elderly finger’s on death’s door asking if she could please enter, it might happen to any of us when we least expect it.

You know the sort-of-funny undertaker joke? The hardest part of their job is to wipe off the look of surprise on the face of the corpse.

That would not have been a problem for my aunt Blanche. My aunt was an ace planner. She was a bookkeeper when a young sprat who later became a highly successful businesswoman. She was a fabulous organizer. A terrific manager. She drew up a Last Will and Testament almost 20 years ago. I knew when I last saw her that I was to inherit her house, art collection, books, furniture and car.

I should have been elated. I should have been prepared. I was neither.

That was not only because she seemed pretty much immortal, but also because Blanche had assured me repeatedly that everything was in the Will. And I knew she was a planner an an organizer. It was true, everything was in the Will. Down to the last detail about managing the cats. She even wrote her own obit, had me go over it with her and then wrote a note to me at the end saying I could ‘put it in my own words.’ So yes, she planned.

But here’s what really happened. By a strange twist of fate I found out that in CR the only way to avoid huge, gigantic, monster size fees when you pass on property is to do it through a corporation. I was able to blindside the attorney, who had managed to keep that little secret from my aunt for 20 years and — by chance and on a visit I almost didn’t make — got everyone to agree to create the corporation. If I had left it to the well-planned Will, the house and everything in it would have gone on the auction block. Not maybe, but definitely.

Lesson learned: Stay up-to-date on regulations. This should be written in size 2,500 font, bold and underscored if the death is in a foreign country. Double that if it’s a foreign country in which you do not reside, or if you do but tend to live under a rock or in a dream world.

Trusts are generally best, but stay informed applies both to donor and recipient.  I will not stoop to make any attorney jokes (although I have to hold my fingers back), but caveat emptor, or in this case let both the living and the dying beware.

Next. Like I said, my aunt was a fabulous organizer. Things were labeled and filed and sometimes cross-filed. While she was alive, I overlooked the fact that she was also a pack rat – maybe because she was so well-organized. After her death, I spent days and nights for a full month going through every corner, every drawer, all of which were full. This happened to be in a Very Large House. It took me more than two months of dealing with Stuff to contain most of the damage. I say damage not only because it was rough slogging, but because the losses were huge.

Next Lesson Learned: Stuff, like everything else in life, has its time. Use stuff. Wear it out or give it to someone who will. We don’t — or shouldn’t — live in museums. Bric-a-brac, books, art, any Thing has its day and does not necessarily retain an inherent value because it’s vintage or really old or beautiful. Much of Blanche’s stuff was stunning, and many things cost a lot of money. But that brings me to my final Lesson Learned:

No matter how much we love our stuff, it is Our Stuff. Our siblings, sons, daughters or any heirs  — other than our partner who is left to deal with the Stuff — did not choose these things. They’ve got their own Stuff anyway. It’s great to cherish what we have, but heirs will find life a lot easier if they know the actual sale value of your used Stuff and if they don’t feel guilty about not wanting it.

Get rid of what you don’t need in the new life you live with each major passage. Almost all of us will continue to gather new Stuff, even if we let go of the old. Life flows. Let your Stuff flow with it.

Because any unnecessary Stuff that lives on your one-way street will find itself out on your heir’s dead end alley.


“Mount Sustainability” the dream of a green giant

The news was really awful today. Actually I don’t mean the utterly predictable tea party-engendered catastrophe on Wall Street. Nor do I mean the rioting that began three nights ago in London and spread today to Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. Not even the slaughter taking place in Syria. Although I easily could mean any or all of the above.

My last post was about the upcoming loss of a childhood hero. This one is about a loss for us all; a man who became a hero to many involved in sustainability, and especially those of us priviliged to have met him and heard him speak.

It’s been dubbed the passing of a ‘green giant.’ Most of you won’t recognize the name Ray C. Anderson even though he owned the world’s most successful  floor covering company. Although you’ve most likely never heard of Interface, you’ve almost certainly walked on their carpets or flooring in offices and stores, no matter where in the world you live.

I met Ray Anderson when he keynoted a sustainability meeting in Seattle that I co-organized. I had already been inspired by his personal story of change, delightfully told in his punchy little book “Mid-Course Correction.”

Georgia born and raised, he exuded Southern charm, wit, and intelligence. He also knew something most of us didn’t bother to think about. Petro-chemical based, carpets accounted for the largest single product in the land-fills of the world. In 1994, while preparing to defend his multi-billion dollar company’s environmental policies, he read Paul Hawken’s Ecology of Commerce and eloquently described his epiphany as “a spear through his chest” when he realized that he was “one of the bad guys.”

From that moment on he dedicated himself and his company to the climb up what he dubbed “Mount Sustainability.”  Labeling it a myth that business cannot do well and do good, his goal was nothing short of zero waste, zero eco-footprint. At the time of his death today, he was 9 years from the target date of 2020.

From the forward to the 2010 update to his book, Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist he wrote this about getting off oil:

“Distancing ourselves from the wellhead requires that we reimagine the antiquated, linear, take- make- waste industrial system of which we are all a part. And instead, to become part of a thoughtful, cooperative, cyclical system that mimics nature in the way that we design, source, manufacture, sell, install— and eventually reclaim and recycle— our products.”

Sounds lofty, but that’s what he was working on. Interface’s eco-metrics are already astounding. They range from simple offsets — such as  200 million airline passenger miles offset by some 106,000 trees to the vastly more complex 80 percent reduction in both water intake and landfill waste per unit of production. This in one of the most intensely petro-chemical products in a span of 13 years beginning in 1996.

Ray summed it up with his typical eloquent yet universal simplicity:  “If we can do it, anybody can. If anybody can, everybody can. That includes you.”

It would be absurd to attempt to sum up his contributions in a blog; still I can’t resist pointing out that beyond the incredible power of his example during his lifetime, he leaves even more than the legacy of those accomplishments.

He leaves literally thousands of hard-working devotees in and outside of Interface so inspired by his life, passion and mission, that no obstacle could possibly be large enough to stop them meeting that deadline now, and zeroing out atop Mount Sustainability.


Strawberry Magick

In 2002 I participated in a writer’s workshop. One of the activities was to take things like an emotion, a color, a fruit, a feeling, etc. and write it on a small piece of cardboard. These we put in a little bag and a take-away was to pull two whenever and write a paragraph using the random matches. As I waited at the airport to catch my flight back home, I was bored enough to try it. I was so astounded that anything appeared on the page that I kept it.
So here’s a random post if ever there was one. Exactly as it poured out all those years ago:

Strawberry Magick

At the airport the sounds of people -- excited, angry, loud, hushed.  Babies cry. Old woman next to me sits, eyes closed in a still quiet so profound it touches my shoulder hushing the nearby maddening crescendos of clatter and roar.  Not even her quiet overpowers the drama of the loudspeakers:  Security…Boarding Pass…Final Call..Arrival of Flight 1783…Unchecked.  The bellowing tries to push away last night’s dream where I pressed the wrong button and shook our house loose from its foundations. A shaking so powerful it reached the neighbors house and loosened it.  I awoke fearful. Alfred assured me all was okay because we had insurance. "Even if I press the wrong button?"  "Yes, even if you press the wrong button." I was comforted knowing that with my magick I could tumble the underpinnings of our house, reach beyond our strawberries, past the cherry tree, across the grass, beyond the fence and into the once solid foundations at the far side of our neighbor’s lawn.

Strawberry magick.  Covered by insurance.  Where shall I use it next?



“You’re acting like Rusty”

That’s what Jakob told me as I sat unmoving today in the cockpit of his 34′ Coronado sloop. Vintage 1969, Patience is still a beauty, her age doesn’t show, and she’s fully decked out for blue water. She had made the 5-week trip from Santa Cruz to Puerto Vallarta with her brilliant crew lovingly tending to her every need. The work my sons Jakob and Daniel and their buddy Paul (our honorary son now) put in on her non-stop for 5 weeks in Moss Landing, CA. before they left paid off. All 4 did well over the several hundred nautical miles to PV. But that story & video is being documented on their blog:

My story is about their 17.5 day trip on land  — except for Patience. She waited Patiently at Muelle Iguana in a well-protected slip. Shortly after their two-day early arrival, the crew washed, cleaned, dried, and battened down Patience so she, and they, could get a well-deserved rest. PV is about half-way to their final destination of Costa Rica, and here they knew they would be welcomed into the open arms of family.

Sarah, Jakob’s girlfriend was also here and a few days ago, their guest for the next leg arrived as well. We had bloomed from three to eight in a matter of days. Mattresses were strewn in the spare room and on the terrace. The grocer across the street delighted in the visit of our hungry youngin’s, and we basked in their enthusiasm, planning, hard work and unending joy.

Hour after hour we huddled around our little table designed for four  — eating, drinking, swapping stories, questioning the world outside and reveling in the peace inside. Our yoga teacher and friend not only shared her yoga. She taught partner and sangha (community) classes with us where we supported, touched, pushed and pulled each other, releasing even more abundant and free-flowing happiness and love .

Our excursions into Vallarta, Sayulita and Yelapa were great fun, but the best of times — when we weren’t hacking away on the 6 computers that were omnipresent reminders of what-must-be-done-Now — were around food. It was the energy, sensory delights and time shared buying fresh fruits & veggies, cooking beans, devouring panela (a delicious mild local cheese), tortillas hot off the press, fresh bolillos (delicious rolls, warm in the early morning), tasting 20 different locally made candies, slicing mangoes and avocados. It was just the sitting & being that was so amazing.

So when Jakob said “You’re acting like Rusty” he was referring to our Jack Russell terrier. Like most JR’s, Rusty was a character. He wanted what he wanted when he wanted it and very little was going to get in his way. For a short guy he could dig his paws in like nobody’s business. If you tried to move him when he didn’t want to go he would act like you were the Enemy and you had just invaded his territory.

That’s about how much I didn’t want our time to end. The moment I would get off Patience they were free to leave. Unlike Rusty, I was able to bend somewhat gracefully to the greater good and let the crew get on with their dream. Rusty would bark like crazy if he didn’t get his way. I only whined a little when they sailed off.


Rainforest Herbs to Improve Memory

Doing well in our fast-paced world requires lots of brain power, good memory, and fast response time. We know good diet, fresh air, exercise and rest are essential. We also know that doesn’t always happen. As we grow older, many of us seek ways to keep our brains fresh and our energy strong.

Yet all too often we overlook the basics of long-term health in our search for a quick boost. The popularity of caffeine and sugar-laden drinks, and shelves full of drugs and pharmaceutical products attest to this. Here’s the good news.

Herbs that are Neuroprotective, Cell Protective

You can find enormously protective and effective brain support in nature’s own medicine cabinet — the rainforest. The rainforest herbs in Elephant Elixir are especially effective in protecting brain cells, improving memory, and combating the effects of aging.

Herbs that are Anti-aging

What makes these herbs anti-aging? If you protect brain cells from breaking down and aging, you protect the body as well. This in turn improves memory and supports the immune system to help the body from falling ill. These specialized cell protective qualities keep our minds sharper and help our bodies retain a youthful elasticity.

The Amazon Rainforest Herbs of Elephant Elixir

  • Samambaia (Polypodium decumanum): Many types of ferns are found in traditional medicine around the world and most share similarities. Samambaia is typical in that as a medicinal fern it is valued as a tonic, blood cleanser (to detoxify the body), upper respiratory healer and immune system support. It is also used in treating psoriasis. Unique to samambaia and the reason it is the main ingredient inElephant Elixir, is its ability to protect brain cells. In 1997, a U.S. patent was filed on a samambaia leaf and rhizome extract capable of treating brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The patent and several in vivo studies found samambaia protects against brain cell degeneration, promotes repair of damaged brain cells, and has a protective effect on brain cells. Anapsos (brand name) is used now in Europe for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa): Uña de gato, literally cat’s claw, refers to the large claw-like thorns along this large woody vine. Uña de gato has been used medicinally for at least 2,000 years and is prized among herbal remedies. Since the 1970’s cat’s claw has been researched in almost every industrialized country. These studies validate many of the traditional uses and offer hope in treating ailments common to N. Americans. Some of them include chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, lupus, inflammatory conditions, cancer, and intestinal disorders. One reason it is so adaptable is that it is one of a handful of plants that are “adaptogenic,” — in some unknown way these plants are able to restore the normal functions of an organ or a system. Cat’s claw is added to Elephant Elixir because of its cell protective qualities. It also adds a deeply supportive organ tonic and immune support.
  • Sarsasparilla (Smilax officinalis): A long woody vine, sarsaparilla, like cat’s claw, is also ‘adaptogenic.’ It is in Elephant Elixir because the sarsaparilla root is highly valued for its cell-protective abilities, and is considered neuroprotective – i.e. it protects brain cells. Sarsasparilla root is also a tonic, and supports additional energy by toning, balancing, and strengthening overall body functions. Sarsasparilla root has also been used for centuries in South America to treat other ailments including rheumatism, digestive problems and hypertension.
  • Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides): A small tree native to the Brazilian rainforest, muira puama is also called potency wood for its longstanding use in treating impotence. Historically muira puama has been used to treat many types of ailments, and many of its indigenous uses have been validated through research. The latest research confirms muira puama’s traditional use as an aid for memory and nervous disorders, which is why it is included in Elephant Elixir. Brazilian researchers reported in 2003 that an alcohol extract of muira puama facilitated memory retrieval in both young and aged mice and noted its potential benefits for Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Catuaba (Erythroxlyum catuaba): A small fast growing tree, catuaba is native to the Amazon rainforest of northern Brazil. It is the best known of all Brazilian aphrodisiac plants. It is included in Elephant Elixir because it reduces forgetfulness and improves poor memory. Catuaba is also valued for its tonic abilities and use in general fatigue and exhaustion. It is considered healthy for the central nervous system and its ability to reduce anxiety.

Herbs that Strengthen the Brain

Together, the five herbs in Elephant Elixir are an ideal combination for strengthening the vital functions of the brain as well as supporting the body’s all-important central nervous system and immune system. Our brains are more than the processor of a super-computer. They are also the great balancer of emotions and spirit. By protecting our brain cells we can expect improved health and well being. We can look to high octane performance from our body, mind and spirit.

The Importance of Protecting against Brain Cell Loss

Protecting the brain and the body’s cells is very important. Often our diets and lives today include harmful additives and lack the proper nutrition that can protect our brain cells. This can potentially lead to debilitating conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life.

One of the natural side effects of aging is a loss of brain cells leading to memory loss, a loss of focus as well as difficulties in sharp thinking. The brain is the most complicated organ in our body and the aging process loses brain cells rapidly; like 30,000 to 50,000 each day! Elephant Elixir helps to reduce loss of these all important brain cells and fights against the aging process.

The result is clearer thinking, increased memory and sharper brain function.Protecting our cells from the aging process is important throughout our lives. If you remember Elephant Elixirit will help you remember a clearer and sharper life!


Rainforest Herbs Combat the Pain of Arthritis

Many people are just finding out that there are several herbs found in the rainforest that have positive effects on arthritis and help guard against the pain and the swelling associated with arthritis. When these rainforest herbs are used to treat ailments the body gets the benefits of the whole leaf, bark, root or even the whole plant. The active portion in the herb is surrounded by supplemental components that buffer ill effects and boost active properties.

People throughout history have used plants for medicinal purposes and many cultures continue to use natural methods for healing and health. Herbal remedies offer strong healing and health benefits while avoiding many dangerous and at times life threatening side effects.

The use of rainforest herbs such as the herbs in Leaping Lizard offer many positive benefits including relief from the symptomatic pain of arthritis. Pain, swelling and inflammation as well as stiffness and joint pain can be controlled by using these natural rainforest herbs.

The rainforest herbs that are essential and beneficial to arthritis have been specifically formulated into Leaping Lizard.

  • Tayuya: A woody vine found in the Amazon rainforest, Tayuya has been used since pre-historic times to treat pain of many causes.Tayuya was the first recorded herbal drug in the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia.
  • Iporuru: A shrubby tree that grows in the flood plains of the Amazon River system in Peru. Iporuru bark and leaves have been used for centuries to treat muscle pain, arthritis and rheumatism. Iporuru can be found in markets and pharmacies in Peru as an arthritis remedy.
  • Chuchuhuasi: An enormous canopy tree, Chuchuhuasi is native to the tropical rainforest. The bark of the Chuchuhuasi has been used for centuries medicinally. The Peruvian name for Chuchuhuasi means ‘trembling back’ and has been used throughout history for back aches and arthritis pain. Chuchuhuasi also offers a natural energy that natives use on the long treks through the rainforest.
  • Cat’s Claw: A large woody vine with claw-like thorn, to which the name is derived, should not be confused with other herbs not from the rainforest that share the name. Rainforest Cat’s Claw has been used for at least 2,000 years in the Peruvian forest to treat many ailments including rheumatism. Cat’s Claw is found to be useful in many applications and is considered to be the ‘opener of the way’.
  • Sarsaparilla: A long brambled woody vine, Sarsaparilla should not be confused with the large Sasparilla and Sassafras trees that are used to flavor root beer. Sarsaparilla root has been used for centuries in South America to treat ailments including rheumatism, digestive ailments and hypertension. Additionally Sarsaparilla improves the immune system and stimulates the nerves.
  • Amor Seco: A weedy tall herb with bean-like pods, Amor Seco grows in open forests and along the road sides near the rainforest. Amor Seco is called ‘Strong Back’ in Brazil where it is used to treat back aches, pains and inflammation.

These herbs are combined to create Leaping Lizard, which has helped many people find relief from the discomfort of arthritis pain and swelling. The rainforest herbs in Leaping Lizard are bettering the lives of consumers like you.

Herbal Remedy Supports Relief from Pain and Arthritis

Arthritis, the leading cause of disability in people over fifty, is a group of conditions that cause damage to the joints of the body. All forms of arthritis cause pain however the pain patterns vary. Most also cause a degree of stiffness and at times deformity and the inability to perform even simple day-to-day tasks.

There are different types of arthritis and causes of arthritis though most are treated similarly in Western medicine. One recommendation that seems widely accepted is to get regular exercise. Keep moving to lubricate the joints. Beyond that, herbal and allopathic approaches differ. Western medicine uses a number of drugs to help control inflammation and pain. Most prescription drugs are derived from plants but extract out one active component only.

The Importance of the Whole Plant in Healing

Herbal medicine works with the whole plant to provide the same relief, but in a more balanced way. Plants’ healing qualities are supported, balanced and strengthened by the surrounding components. By throwing these out we can negate many positive protections and buffers to protect us from potential harm. Leaping Lizard rainforest herbs combine the right herbs to target the afflictions and joint pain associated with arthritis and protect against harmful side effects.

The only danger with Leaping Lizard is you might find yourself performing activities you haven’t done for a long time making people wonder if you are reliving your youth.


5 easy ways to get slim and stay slim!

Yes, weight control without dieting!  No diets at all? How is that possible! Well, have you tried dieting? If you’ve tried one diet you’ve probably tried many diets. Perhaps you’ve tried other means of weight control. If you’re like most of us who want to lose weight, you’ve probably tried workouts, fads, supplements and diets over and over and still the weight keeps coming back.  If that’s your story it puts you in the 98 percent tile of people who have tried diets. Once you get that diets won’t work because they don’t get to the root of the problem you can begin to find alternatives to diets. Learn alternatives to dieting and you can find easy ways to keep the weight off now, tomorrow and forever.

Let’s start with five simple things you can do:

1. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. Stop it right now. Every time you look in the mirror and tell yourself: “My belly is disgusting,” or “OMG, that’s a triple chin!” you reinforce exactly that image of yourself. It’s like feeding a monster. With each meal of negative self-talk it gets stronger.

2. MAKE NICE. Use self-talk to your advantage. You know you talk to yourself anyway. Change the words to ones that make you feel good instead of bad. Every time that voice creeps in override it with the opposite. “My belly is round and soft.” “I love my face!”

3. TRUST IN REPETITION. Use repetition to help you meet your goals. You may find yourself doubting your ‘opposite speak’ technique. That’s not because it’s false, it’s because it’s new. How many times did you use the nasty stuff? Keep at it over and over until it feels right. Because eventually it must — that’s the power of repetition.

4. IMAGINE YOUR GOALS IN DETAIL. In place of negative self-talk use positive images over and over to clarify, crystallize and reinforce your weight goals. Imagine little details. Imagine them with each of your senses. Allow yourself to get excited. Actually force yourself to get excited! That’s how you you make it real to yourself.

5. ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT. Wow. Point 5 and I’m finally mentioning food. But only to encourage you to allow yourself to thoroughly savor every bite.  Fact is, if you’ve dieted you already know what’s good for you and what isn’t. Now sit comfortably, eat slowly, chew well, and enjoy, knowing what you’re doing is good for you. You probably haven’t done that in a long, long time.

For more tips on health, check out